Saturday, May 21, 2016

Don't judge until you know. She looked like she had a puffy eyes and sad. But actually it's her first time to try Vietnamese paak-mor with an egg on top of that, and some spicy sauce. The deliciousness was tempted Pihn to eat one more dish which was Vietnamese noodle soup. 

It's rich breakie I've ever saw her ratten that much ^___^

Classy class and classy club

Her second trip overnight with two aunties in Ubon. One responded for teaching her English and another one responded for entertaining. And tonight they enjoyed weight exercise very much. 

How about English lesson? Guess what!! It's first time Pihn how to spell her mom and dad's name. How wonderful?? Happy night was ended with laugh and fun. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Kid activity

Happy hour with Pihn again!! The most happiness was we got a time with Pihn without her parents haha!!. She appeared to be a very happy girl who explored a new activity and more cteativity. 

She learned and enjoy such a creative workshop with Maletfan. 

A few weeks later, she drew a creative dinosaur. Hope we could drive this kind of activity to tempt her for more progress.

Songkarn feast

Singkarn feast this year (2015) it's our turn to take care mom while the others away from home. Well, we actually went back and forth from Ubon to Stisaket. 

This was last day of Songkarn, was the day we enjoyed the games together after our last meeting. 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

A long planning trip

What's going to do next?? 
I mean where should they plan to go next? I remember this shot was taken on October 2014. Pihn's mom had booked the ticket since May 2014 if I remember it correctly. It's such a long plan for it. But it's cheap though.

Exercise love, exercise heart

Once in a while I didn't hear that Pihn's mom wanted to exercise but I was wrong. She followed Pihn's dad along with Pihn to ride a bike. They do it quite a serious activity. 

Riding has become one of popular sports for a year or two by now (March 21, 2015).  Earlier it was a mountain bike and following with a fold bike. Later on, it could be any bike. I love the last updated trend. 

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